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Hayley Cabral's 
Contortionist Academy

Upcoming Masterclasses for Competition Dancers
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Welcome to Flexibility Fitness

Flexibility Fitness is a multi- disciplinary training program that combines contortion, gymnastics, pilates, and martial arts techniques to improve flexibility, strength in a balanced way. The Flexibility Fitness approach is to focus on learning how to balance all aspects of training to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. The program seeks to provide a positive and empowering experience for the whole family!

Our skilled coaching staff Hayley & Hilario Cabral are world renowned performers, specializing in Hand Balancing Contortion on canes and the Argentinian Gaucho Act. Their mission is to pass on their passion for their arts and create a supportive community that fosters personal growth and success.


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Flexibility Fitness


"We met Hayley while at a circus event in Australia and my child took a handstand lesson with her there. She was very attentive even with a large class - she gave my child plenty of personal attention and gave her some new technique tips. Her lessons are varied and stay interesting for folks who want to take multiple classes. Hayley is also a genuinely kind person and cares about people's well-being. So whether you take a class in person or online, I'd recommend her classes."

Genevieve M
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