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Adult Flexibility Classes

Flexibility Fitness offers Adult classes in Sherman Oaks!​

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Adult Flexibility

The Flexibility Fitness Class for adults is a specialized program designed to enhance overall body flexibility, with a particular focus on the shoulders, back, legs, and hips. This class incorporates elements from both yoga and Pilates to provide participants with a well-rounded and effective flexibility training experience. Suitable for individuals of all fitness levels, from beginners to more experienced participants.

Tues-Thursday 12PM

Adult stretching
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Adult Contortion

The Adult Contortion Class focuses on advanced progressions is tailored for individuals with prior contortion or flexibility training experience. The class focuses on mastering challenging poses like elbow stands and chin stands while providing personalized instruction and modifications based on each student's abilities. Instructors guide students through exercises to enhance flexibility, strength, and control, emphasizing proper alignment and gradual progression. The class is suitable for adults seeking to improve their performance in dance, circus arts, or enhance overall flexibility and body awareness. Prior flexibility experience is recommended, and beginners are advised to start with our Adult Flexibility Class.

Monday-Thursday 1 pm

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