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About Flexibility Fitness

Flexibility Fitness was founded in 2018, by Hayley Cabral, with the aim of establishing a standardized contortion curriculum tailored for competition dancers. Our goal is to offer the safest and most efficient training methods, drawing from Hayley's professional expertise, and imparting it to the next generation. We strive to deliver an unparalleled flexibility training experience for both students and instructors alike.

Flexibility Fitness is a comprehensive training program that integrates contortion, gymnastics, Pilates, and martial arts techniques to enhance flexibility and strength in a holistic manner. Our approach emphasizes the importance of achieving balance across all facets of training, promoting a healthy lifestyle. We are committed to creating a positive and empowering environment that extends to every member of the family.

Benefits of Contortion
Flexibility Fitness
Flexibility Fitness
Flexibility Fitness

Mind & Body Balance

Contortion training emphasizes the connection between the mind and body, helping children to develop balance between flexibility and strength.


Contortion is a way to develop character and achieve goals. By using positive reinforcement, attention to detail, setting goals, and taking action towards achievement, contortion can help build an individual's character and promote self-improvement.

Discipline &

Contortion teaches children the value of persistence and focus, as it requires ongoing dedication to achieve success.

Meet Master Instructor

Hayley Cabral

Hayley Cabral

“Passing down my Passion for Contortion is my Purpose in life."

Master instructor Hayley Cabral teaches her specialized contortion technique that she has developed after 20 years of performing as a professional hand-balancing contortionist. She blends her extensive knowledge of Mongolian Contortion with Russian hand-balancing, and Rhythmic gymnastics techniques together to create a balanced curriculum of exercises that promote flexibility supported by strength and control.

"I created Flexibility Fitness to pass on my professional knowledge to the next generation of artists. I'm an advocate for mental health, which is why my classes encourage self love and promote a healthy body image to combat the negative culture of body shaming in the arts. Passing down my passion for the art of contortion is my purpose in life.

My professional experience as a touring artist in several different environments has taught me that the most important life lesson contortion teaches kids is to never give up. Acrobatics is a skill that requires athletes to try again and again to achieve results. Kids learn that they can achieve their goals if they stay focused, practice consistently and believe in themselves!"

Hayley Cabral
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