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Flexibility Fitness Private Training Program

The Flexibility Fitness Private Training program is meticulously designed to cater to your unique needs and abilities. The first class serves as an assessment to understand your current level of flexibility, strength, and overall capabilities. With this insight, we will then create a fully customized training plan tailored specifically to your goals.


Students receive the “Skill Assessment & Goal Setting Workbook” that will help them stay on track with their training. The workbook comes with goal setting exercises, stretch planner, stretch journal and before and after photos to track progress.


To set the stage for long-term success, it is important to a commit consistent training program over the course of a minimum of 6 months. This program is made with every individual students needs in consideration. A typical training program may look like this:


Month 1: Training 1x per week

Month 2-4: Training 2x per week

Month 5-6: Training 3x per week


Why 6 months?

Building strength and flexibility takes time, and this duration provides a solid foundation for noticeable progress and lasting results. It allows your body to adapt, your muscles to grow stronger, and your flexibility to improve gradually.

The investment for the initial assessment and personalized training plan is $250. This investment ensures that I can provide you with the utmost attention and guidance as we work together to unlock your potential. Progress tracking is an essential part of the private training program, ensuring that you can make steady strides towards your contortion goals.

After the initial assessment, a custom training plan is created for you and you will begin thr private training subscription that best meets your needs below:

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