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Get ready to transform your flexibility journey with our comprehensive video tutorial platform!

Whether you're a dancer, gymnast, teacher, parent, or flexibility enthusiast, Flex Fit TV has everything you need to succeed. Gain access to follow-along videos, in-depth explanations, downloadable resources, and much more.




WHO is Flex Fit TV For?

  • Dancers, Gymnasts, Ice skaters, and athletes seeking to improve their practice and knowledge of Flexibility.

  • Enthusiasts who love to learn all they can about contortion, flexibility and strength training

  • Parents of young dancers who want to be able to help their children stretch at home safely

  • Dance teachers, gymnastics coaches, who want to help their students reach the next level of flexibility.

Flex Fit TV is NOT a video tutorial program where you are left to FIGURE IT OUT aimlessly without direction or support.

 Flex Fit TV is designed to teach kids HOW to train flexibility techniques SAFELY at home by providing them with in depth videos to explain each exercise. Every exercise comes with a downloadable PDF worksheets that explains EVERY DETAIL complete with high quality photos.

Whats inside:

  • Follow along videos great for students to practice Flexibility and conditioning at home.

  • In depth explanations of how to properly teach each exercises for teachers.

  • Downloadable PDF print outs for each video exercise complete with photos of every progression breaking down each exercise step by step

  • NEW videos downloaded every week!

The biggest complaint I get from parents is that their child is NOT MOTIVATED to practice at home.


All Flex Fit TV Subscribers get exclusive access to The Flexibility Fitness Goals Tracker & Accountability Calendar that makes at home training organized, intentional AND motivational by introducing REWARDS!

Goals Tracker

Flex Fit TV Subscribers get EXCLUSIVE access to
Coach Hayley's Flexibility Fitness Goal Tracker & Accountability Calendar that keeps you CONSISTENT and MOTIVATED by introducing REWARDS!

With this exclusive recourse available ONLY to Flex Fit TV subscribers, you will be able to create your custom at home flexibility training schedule that keeps your dancer accountable and motivated by introducing REWARDS for consistency and achievements!


Subscribing to Flex Fit TV will give you access to the FULL library of videos with NEW videos added every week! Videos range from  Beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises that specialize in contortion techniques, conditioning, alignment, safety and best practices.

Hayley Cabral describes in great detail how she approaches each exercise so that students, teachers and parents can have a holistic understanding of every exercise, position and progression. Coach Hayley created Flex Fit TV to share her knowledge, passion and love for the art of contortion with the world, and we are excited to welcome you to the Flex Fit Family!



  • Flex Fit TV Monthly Membership

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    • Unlimited Access to Exclusive Content
    • NEW videos every month!
  • Flex Fit Yearly Membership

    SAVE $119 per year!
    Valid for one year
    • Full access to Flexibility training videos

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