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Martial Arts

Martial arts for kids (ages 6+) offers a multitude of benefits - discipline, self-confidence, and focus. It helps children develop essential life skills and improve their overall behavior. Through physical training and mental conditioning, martial arts instills respect, resilience, and a sense of achievement, fostering personal growth and character development.

Instructed by the expertise of 6th Degree Master Hilario Cabral, a specialist in techniques involving jumping, speed and self defense, our program extends a warm invitation to participants of all

levels and abilities.

Meet Master Instructor

Hilario Cabral

Master Hilario Cabral takes his lifetime of experience in Tae Kwon Do and applies it to enhance the overall physical condition of Competition dancers, gymnasts and ice skaters. His martial arts training set him apart from other dancers in the industry, giving him an extra level of speed, power and precision of movement. He soon realized the techniques of Taekwondo are especially beneficial for competition dancers, gymnasts and ice skaters allowing them to kick higher, turn faster and jump higher.


As a professional dancer himself with a decorated career in Las Vegas productions and performances worldwide in over 30 counties, Hilario understands the importance of physical conditioning for dancers to perform at their highest level.

Hilario Cabral
Career Highlights
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