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Flex and Flow Expo

Calling All Competitive Dancers and Teachers!

   Dive into the world of flexibility and contortion, and learn how these skills can set you apart in the competitive dance arena. Flexibility Fitness Masterclasses focus on breaking down contortion techniques for dancers and their instructors while empowering them with a winning mindset to excel in both dance training and life.


   After the enlightening workshops, stay for the grand celebration – the "Flexibility Fitness TV Launch." We're unveiling our groundbreaking online training platform designed for competition dancers, and you're invited to the launch party! Savor delectable food, explore creative vendors with unique products, and enjoy an unforgettable evening of flexibility, fun, and connection with fellow competitive dancers.


   Mom's Escape Lounge: Visit the "Mom's Escape Lounge" for a delightful break. Experience rejuvenating massages, sip on a selection of cocktails, and find serenity in this kid-free zone while your children are engaged in their classes.


Flex & Flow Boutique: shopping experience with the latest trends from dance wear fashion, creative vendors, food, games and more!

Early Registration Deadline: December 23

Early Registration: $50

After Dec 23rd: $75

Flex & Flow Schedule

9am -10:30am

Flexibility Fitness - Intro to Contortion Masterclass

This Masterclass is an excellent way for dance instructors and their students to learn foundational contortion techniques together. Dancers learn techniques for contortion-style bridges, chin stands, Split alignment, shoulder flexibility, and more! Instructors participate alongside their dancers to learn hands-on valuable information to help them guide their students through proper training. Instructors will be learning hands on with students, participating in assisted stretching, spotting, and gaining valuable tips to keep their dancers safe while training contortion elements.

11am- 12:30pm

Flexibility Fitness - Advanced Contortion Technique Masterclass

The Advanced Contortion workshop is for students who are ready to take their flexibility to the next level and instructors who are curious to know more about how to help them achieve it. The Masterclass focuses on deepening advanced contortion techniques, including increasing deep stretch in chin stands, controlling balance in contortion handstands, contortion conditioning, and advanced assisted stretching. Instructors will be learning hands on with students, participating in assisted stretching, spotting, and gaining valuable tips to keep their dancers safe while training contortion elements. Student Requirements: bridge, split 180, chinstand (holding without assistance - toes to the ground).

12:30am -1:30pm  
Lunch / Shopping free time

1:30pm - 2:00pm

Mastery Society- Mindset is everything

Briefly describe your degree and any other highlights about your studies you want to share. Be sure to include relevant skills you gained, accomplishments you achieved or milestones you reached during your education.


Flex Fit TV Launch Party

Celebrate the Launch of Flex Fit TV with us and get a sneak peak inside the one of a kind platform! Students who are featured in Flex Fit TV will receive a special recognitions.

Who is this Event For?

Flexibility Fitness



Immerse yourself in the world of contortion with Flexibility Fitness Masterclasses. From foundational contortion techniques to advanced moves, this is your chance to refine your skills and stand out in the competitive dance arena.



Instructors, don't miss our masterclasses designed for both you and your students. Participate in assisted stretching, spotting, and gain valuable tips to guide your students through proper contortion training.



Parents dive into the power of mindset! Understand how a growth-oriented perspective can fuel your child's success in their dance journey. Gain insights on language and thought patterns that influence achievement and elevate your understanding and empower your child to reach new heights!

Introducing Flex Fit TV: Your Ultimate Online Tutorial Hub for Contortion Mastery!


 Dive into a world of continuous learning designed for both teachers and students. Unveil new videos every month, covering active flexibility, passive flexibility, dynamic stretching, isometric stretching, conditioning, contortion techniques, injury prevention, and more. Elevate your contortion journey with expert-led tutorials, enhancing your skills and understanding every step of the way.

FLEX FIT TV goes LIVE February 21st 2024, but Flex & Flow participants will get EARLY ACCESS to the platform on the day of the event and unlock a wealth of knowledge and redefine what's possible in contortion training!


Gina Rodriguez

"I am a firm believer that we can achieve success in life at any age and at any stage it doesn’t matter where you are in life."

Gina Rodriguez is Board-Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro- Linguistic Programming and Master Hypnotherapist.  She specializses in teaching women how to use their THOUGHTS and WORDS they speak about themselves to achieve their goals.

Her life changing approach to developing positive self talk and how Moms can lead their daughters towards success is a GAME CHANGER!

Mindset is Everything
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